Компании в Пензе. Компании г пензы. Ооо городская сервисная компания пенза.
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ооо городская сервисная компания пенза

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As a rule, the small and low-powered amplifiers can only slightly resemble its hi-power full-sized counterparts. But the 1812 team is against such stereotypes! We have put a 40 Watt amplifier with high performance tubes and transformers into a compact and light-weight case. The amp has three channels, each of which has two operation modes and an individual tube circuitry, thus allowing the Lancier to be used in various styles: the clean sound of Channel I, unlike many multi-channel amps, has various shades from the clear clean sound to slight overdrive, while Channel II and Channel III give you any variants of crunch and hi-gain heavy styles.